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Extractors Available

The NCBA has 6 mechanical 2/3 frame extractors available for members of the NCBA. The use of this equipment is a benefit of membership and is available to any member who is up-to-date on their membership.(i.e.dues paid)

*  Please be mindful that there may be others wanting to borrow these extractors so don’t keep them for too long.
*  Please handle equipment carefully and report any mechanical problems immediatel
*  Please return extractor thoroughly cleaned - see cleaning instructions below.
*  Please contact one of the following to borrow an extractor:

  Weymouth - Brianda Younie email:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

How to Clean Extractor

*  Do NOT disassemble the extractor to clean it.
*  Do NOT use strong cleaning detergents as any residue will contaminate the honey.

You must bring the extractor back CLEAN for the next person to use. To clean it:

  a. First hose off thoroughly with COLD water to remove all honey, wax and propolis.
  b. Then wash with hot water and soap ( liquid soap such as Dawn), and rinse.
  c. Finally use a 3% bleach solution to sterilize all surfaces (1/2 cup bleach + 1 gallon water). 
  d. Drain thoroughly and let stand to dry.  Bleach will dissipate when dried and aired out.

Enjoy your harvest!

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